Lucia Dello AICB, MSc, BSc

T: 07812 769926


The Analytical Bookkeeper - Faversham The Analytical Bookkeeper - Faversham

Providing optimised cloud-based bookkeeping and customised analytics to enable you to know and grow your business. Based in Faversham, covering all areas of Kent.



In February 2019 I set up Dello Data Analytics to offer analytics services to a broader range of businesses.


The Analytical Bookkeeper

After 15 years working in credit risk departments at Barclays Bank and other financial institutions producing data analysis and reports to understand and improve the performance of lending portfolios, I decided to make some changes to my working life. I wanted to work directly with clients, run my own business and fit my working hours around my family’s needs.

After doing some research I spotted a gap in the market and decided to set-up a business offering both bookkeeping and analytics services.

I work directly with individuals and small business owners to help them address their bookkeeping needs and use analytics to optimise their businesses.

I also partner with business coaches, mentors and accountants whose clients are trying to measure and optimise aspects of their business. Get in touch to see how I can provide bespoke analytical and bookkeeping support to enable this.

These are the key features of my business model:

Passion for Data Based Decisions – I love working with data and believe that understanding your figures should be a huge priority for your business. I want to add value by helping you extract insights from the data you already collect and maintain as part of your bookkeeping processes.

Individual Solutions – I’m motivated by the challenge of supporting a varied mix of businesses with different priorities that are all uniquely structured. Early on I invest time understanding your business and your needs so that I can help you decide on the appropriate combination of bookkeeping and analytics and set priorities. Over time I expect your needs to change so I don’t tie you into long contracts.

Confidence – I love it when I can help you feel confident about making business decisions based on robust figures and forecasts. This may be achieved in a number of ways based on your needs and level of understanding. Some clients want me to talk them through profit and loss reports explaining the different information. Other clients request analysis and I try and present the results, conclusions and any limitations in a simple jargon-free report.

Professionalism – I am fully qualified, licensed and insured to provide bookkeeping services, I will keep your data secure and confidential. I am very reliable, organised, good at planning and tenacious in following up issues. If I don’t know the answer then I find it out.

Cost Effectiveness – investing in a high quality customised service will save you time and money over the lifetime of your business. I will use my practical experience and apply the most appropriate analytical methods to meet your needs. I don’t chase the lowest price but you only pay for what you need, when you need it.