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Sales Insights for 21st Century Flooring

21st Century Flooring supplies and fits carpets and flooring throughout Kent.  I was tasked with extracting sales insights from the data that they supplied to their accountant.

The accountant had supplied the input sheets in Excel requiring 21st Century Flooring to fill in 2 sales and 2 expenses  sheets for each month. I took all this information and put it into one Excel sheet and used pivot tables within Excel to summarise 6 months of sales information.

  • Monthly charts of sales values and volume allowed the business owner to see which months had the highest and lowest value sales and the change in average sales values over the period
  • 21st Century Flooring had 2 sales consultants, Consultant A generated over 70% of sales over the period.¬† Monthly analysis showed that consultant A was increasing sales further
  • Sales by customer showed that the top 2 customers accounted for 1/3 of sales and the top 5 customers made up over 1/2 of sales
  • Customers were classed into 4 types – retail domestic were the highest volume of sales but by value business to business sales were 6 times more valuable

Suggested next steps: evaluate planned business changes in light of these findings, develop sales targets by business type, create monitoring reports, carry out cost analysis and examine non-accounting data such as enquiry conversion rates. Implement accounting software or re-engineer the excel spreadsheet.



The Analytical Bookkeeper

I'm amazed at how much insight Lucia gained from the data available. I knew that we had been busier in certain months but the charts really showed this. One of the sales consultants has been carrying out more fittings recently so that explains why they have had fewer sales. Lucia really highlighted the value of business to business sales and had really made me think about how we can segment our market and try and increase B2B sales.

Grace Kelly, joint business owner

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