Lucia Dello AICB, MSc, BSc

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The Analytical Bookkeeper - Faversham The Analytical Bookkeeper - Faversham

Providing optimised cloud-based bookkeeping and customised analytics to enable you to know and grow your business. Based in Faversham, covering all areas of Kent.

Jaina Minton Studio

When I started working with Jaina in Winter 2017 her business had evolved significantly since it’s launch, her turnover had increased and main income sources had changed.   Jaina needed to complete a self-assessment tax return but was struggling to identify her business income and business costs from the diverse set of word-based invoices, bank accounts, credit cards, merchant accounts and personal accounts that were being used.

Six months later Jaina is in a completely different position.  She has worked really hard to learn Quickbooks, has separated out her business banking and has new expense recording processes.  I’ve seen how her confidence has grown in her ability to understand and manage her business’s finances and complete her self-assessment tax returns.

The Analytical Bookkeeper

"I contacted Lucia as my business was growing rapidly, however my admin and finances were still a complete mess. From simple, common sense advice, to helping me learn and understand Quickbooks, I've found Lucia to be extremely helpful. Her patience with my non-maths brain has been invaluable!
With her help and knowledge around the bookkeeping system, I can now complete my own tax returns with ease and have a professional invoicing system. She has helped me to keep my expenses on track and is always there to answer any questions on email. Thank you Lucia!"


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